Keep It Fresh

Life could stink and moments could be stale if we keep looking back when we have today. I believe that everyday is a shower of His fresh grace and fresh mercy.

We wake up and the leaves burst with so much life opthalmologists said it’s good for the eyes. I remember having an eye check up and the eye doctor said that I had green deficiency. I was taken aback to that diagnosis until I finally realize that I don’t exactly like green because it associates to the woman I judged as attention seeker and she’s green crazy. Opps.

In our home, I ‘ll see the beauty of how the sun shines, the different forms of clouds that greets me everyday, and the breeze that sometimes touches my face or blow my hair away in totally different strokes daily. Other times, I could just hear the volume of water that gushes out from the faucet which tells either the person is in hurry fearful that he or she’s late or one is calm as a static ocean. On some occassions, I could just hear the joyful song of my brother as he’s watching and feeding the roosters alongside my father.

As I am about to check the soap holder today, my eyes are drawn to yellows that seems smiling at me. I was drawn to how beautiful and joyful this color is and as I take a deeper look, I’ve seen the SURF Message of “Sun Fresh.”


I guess yellow has been exemplary beautiful because of other colors that blend with just one. And, as I am just thinking about it I realize that when we only have a fresh perspective about life on a daily basis, we can always say that life is totally colorful and that makes our life beautiful.

The truth is, if we keep the stale events of our yesterdays, we become unfair to Jesus who always gives us a fresh start.

Like Surf that says, it’s Sun Fresh, how about if we begin to gaze upon Jesus and join with His perspective so we can always smile today with hope as we keep it fresh.

Have a fresh Sunday everyone💗

Jesus Loves You🌻


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