Be Goals And Do Goals

I’ve been watching motivational podcast that encourages me to make goals, vision boards, and writing my mission statement. I love it but somehow, I’ve got these restlessness on the inside and I felt that there’s still something lacking. You see, I was a focused person and too determined to reach my goals that I guess, that’s also a plus factor over why I finished college despite all odds. I say that was a factor because I can’t make it without the hand of God, the kindness of the Lord and the grace of Jesus Christ. I would like to say that I did it but without the character to match it. To be real, I was a bitter professional with a perfect unprofessional ways. I determined my do goals without identifying my be goals first and as a result, I was known for the temporal. People will come to me and tell me that I’m intelligent but harsh. I’m blessed but greedy. I’m fashionable but passion less. I preached well but my actions did not match my teaching. To be more clear, I was the modern Pharisee.
When we were in Leyte, I walked all alone to a store, a little farther than where we stayed and I asked the Lord, “Lord, what do you want me to do this 2016? What are the goals that you want me to achieve?” And this tiny little gentle voice I heard on the inside, “Just have a relationship with Jesus and everything will fall into place.” I felt waking up right in the middle of the store with all the milos and the coffees in my hand. The truth is, I just don’t get it. I mean, can I have a job with that goal? Can it make me the best Executive at work? Will I’ll be able to save money with that goal? I felt that it was a very simple goal, I can’t even believe that I heard from God. I was expecting that the Holy Spirit will tell me something like apply for work, know how to talk, be professional, don’t laugh out loud, make vision boards, get up early as 4am, write that book, save money, get married, and so on and so forth.

We attended church at that day I heard that still small voice and the Pastor said, “Trust in Jesus because He is wiser than yourself.” Then we get back to Cebu and attended QUEST and the Pastor in his message said, “You have to determine your be goals before you achieve your do goals.”

Putting it in simple terms, it’s this, “determine who do we want to become first before  figuring out what we want to do.” We can be a doctor, a pastor, a lawyer, a teacher, an engineer, a mother, but what kind of these professions will we be. Will we be successful in this world term with the character to match with it or without?

And now, what the Holy Spirit tells me then make sense because being with Jesus will result to characters that will best match with what we will accomplish in life.

We become who we hang out with and there’s no one better as a company and bestfriend other than Jesus.

As I get back to my secret place and think of what I’ll have to do this year, I began to have this in mind, “BE LIKE JESUS AND DO YOUR GOALS.”

Of course, I concentrate on ONE Thing there is in Jesus I wanna imitate this year while starting to apply for a job. When this year will be over, the job won’t matter anymore but how I become like Jesus as I am doing my job.


      From Quest Fb Page🔘

Jesus Loves You🌻


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