What?? Coffee Detox???

I was sweeping my small room up until the lower ground. Opps. I am not living in a mansion. It’s not concrete either & it’s made up of light materials. Thank you Jesus for Your Blood. Our Passover Lamb. Then. I heard these words. “Coffee Detox.” I was like what??? Is there even a word as Coffee Detox? Just to make sure if I heard it right, I left the broom & check my acquaintance called google & bam!!! I saw it. I don’t know if I am going to be happy or not but if I have to rejoice, it’s all because I heard Him. Yeah. The Holy Spirit.

I am thinking of negotiating (hahaha) but I guess I been drinking it too much too. Bing! Bing! Red Signal? Dear God. Can it be orange?? But, when He speaks. He enables.

Therefore, dear water. Here I am. Wohooo. But. Can I drink coke? Like once a week? Please??? I guess, this is going to be a good transition. No. No. Not from coffee to coke. It’s from coffee. To coke. To water. Naks!! Is it possible? Let’s see. Jesus said. Everything is possible to those who believe

So, God Bless Me😆


Always remember, that obeying the Holy Spirit is #simplyjochilicious life😆😆😆

Jesus Loves You🌻


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