What’s In A Name???

Jochilicious Cafe Talks? What??? Opps. Please don’t go yet. So here. I am a confident girlfriend. Goshh. And so I changed my boyfriends FB profile combining both our name. I stared at it & Oh My Goodness. I don’t like it. It’s common. Nothing artistic. Booring. So for a week that’s in my heart. Pretty intense huh? Promise. I asked Jesus about a unique name that’s still our combination with a twist. I woke up quite early. It’s a miracle in itself. And. He gave me a name. Am like, that’s stunning & I must have you now. I waited for another week. Well, if you know me, I always change my mind & so when the name stays, it’s a sure sign that I heard from God. Horraayyyy!!!!

He is Jonelo. I’m Metchili. I don’t know. But with Jesus at the Center & the two of us together. Then. Life is #simplyjochilicious 😆

Jesus Loves You🌻


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