So Whose First???

Let me be honest. Today is Sunday. Yes. So going to church is a lifestyle. I know. I know. So, do I have to read the Bible? Hmmm. I can hear my pastor later (hahaha). Checking the time. Sleep some more. Yahoo. Then heart check. Restless. I know what it means. Read. Meditate. Ask the Holy Spirit to apply the Word. I do. But before that?? My goodness. I’m exciiited to watch Pia Wurtzbach.  She’s home. I’m Proudly Filipino.  I can too. Common. Jesus even paid taxes so not to offend people. So. Love your country. Wohoo.

But. Who has the higher voice??? The Holy Spirit. Yeap. Yeap. Conscience?? Maybe. But if we have surrendered our lives to Jesus, He gives us the best gift. You are right. Perfect. The Holy Spirit.

Oppps. Don’t change blogs yet. Read on. Here:

Proverbs 24:5
The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strength. NIV

Knowledge of what??? The Word. When we do. We gather strength.


Proverbs 24:10 say;
If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength. NIV

It is getting better.

The knowledge of the WORD of GOD gives strength and no knowledge of the WORD of GOD, our strength will be too small & we will falter in times of trouble.

So let’s try reading the Word. Even if Sundays. Even if we hear our pastor or the priests. It’s still honey to our mouth if we hear The Word from Jesus Himself.

Jesus Himself? Yes. The Holy Spirit will teach us. That’s the Spirit of Jesus. And. That’s even more exciting. To be conscious. That first. We are citizens of heaven.

And yes. I will watch Pia Wurtzbach later (hahaha). What??? No. I will not watch after this blog. Because guess what??? I will still buy food. Yeah. I don’t like cooking. Take a bath. Make up for an hour. Yeah. My eyebrow needs help. Thank you Jesus for the gifted eyebrow maker. Clap. Clap. Clap

What about you???

Have a #jochilicioussunday everyone:mrgreen:😆:mrgreen:

Jesus Loves You🌻


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