4th? Really???

I hear the sound of waters.  It’s too early & I am guessing someone must be going to school. Then I eavesdrop oppps, not intentionally,  my antenna is always high, promise, I heard my brother calling his co-worker that he will be absent. Yes. Today. Huh? Why??? I’m curious. Wanna go down. I should be a newscaster. Like Vicky Morales?? Common. It’s not for laugh.  Just a thought.

Check my bag. Oh No. Can’t still believe. I will really attend the Colour Me Ladies Conference??? Am not even thinking of attending.  First, it has registration fee. I better look for a job. Yes. Am still jobless. But. Shhhh. Not hopeless. Lucy Torres Gomez peg. Wohoo. Then, I stared the ticket and I wanna be sentimental. Yeap. My my love gave it and paid it early. Of course to avail the discount for the early registrants. Surprise!?! Yesss. How romantic of him. Early valentines. Oh, don’t get jealous. You will have your time. Thank you Jesus. But. It must be his surprise gift. Our 4th. Yay. No. Not months. Not days. 4th year anniversary. Cheeeesy.


4th?? Really!?! Yeap. The first time were together, there were chili hot sause comments. Jonelo has her? She’s mean!!! Yeah right. I was mean but finish it. It’s meaningful (hahaha). And so many prophets as well. Like they will not stay for a long haul. Probably 4 months.  The guy is young and excellently nice. Thanks!!!! The girl??? Hmmm.


We were awkwardly enjoying the night. They teased. We laughed. And. Smiled. But it was us. Because. Papparazzi. Hot tongue. We were quietly bestfriend together. And was silently couple together. Yay!!! Love. Love. Love.


He was very white. Soo thin. Not confident yet. But. Intelligent.


I was smilingly meaaaannn. Read on. Eye bagss. Thin. Tiny. Busy restless woman. I mean wonderful. Feeling beautiful. Haggardo Versoza. In short. Tired. Always. But I was probably funny. Yeah. My uncle said I look like Pokwang. Great!!!! Thanks. I love Pokwang. But. She’s super pretty. Opps. I am also created in His image. So. Unique. One of a kind. Naks!!!


On the biggest transition of my life, he stayed. Hallelujah.



And he is growing in wisdom, skills, strength, finances and the more that I go out with him. The more that I can always thank Jesus of His love for me. Yeah. I just thought of that yesterday. Everyone’s true. He is exceptionally a gentleman. Absolutely nice. And. Wonderfully amazing. The best chef. Wonderman Engineer. A savor the moment king. I have nothing but praises over this excellent gift.



So 4th?? Really??? Yes. How did it happen??? Jesus. And his kindness (hahaha). Am I still mean?? That will always be people’s impression and I’m fine with it. Sarcastic? From time to time (hahaha). Recently, a gentleman asked Jonelo. “How did you handle a very strong woman???” He said smilingly as always, hmmm, you don’t know her.

But wanna know? Read on:


The Holy Spirit taught me, that in a relationship, my gaze should be on Jesus. That works in every relationship. Promise. I learned it along the way. When everyone said that I was mean. It was meaningful to me (hahaha). I mean seriously. Because. Jesus reached out to me. And. I finally understand. What. True. Love. Is.

Have a #jochiliciouslovelife first in Jesus everyone🔘

Jesus Loves You🌻


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