Rain Gently Falls

Rain gently falls whenever we say goodnight. Naks. I don’t know if that’s the exact lyrics or the first line is correct but it rained. Yes. Yesterday as I was washing the clothes. I have no complaints.  I prayed for rain. It’s been too hot in the past days. I have compassion for everyone who frequent on the road because of work. Charr. And. What about the farmers?? Rain is good news for them. Thank you Jesus for the rain. Can we have one a week??? Wohoo. There’s no problem if I’ll ask even if the reports said it’s El Niño, He is El Elohe Philippines, our Mighty God in the Philippines. Yep. Yepey. Horraayyyy!!!

But today is also rains of revelations of His Word. Hallelujah. I woke up not wanting to read the Bible. I don’t feel it. Promise. Hormonal?? Please. Leave me alone!!! Laziness??? Get up Metchili lest you will be poor poorever oppps forever. No!!!! It’s not fun to be poor. Been there. No money?? It’s humiliating specially if you are a licensed teacher. Mercy!!! But I talk to myself. Metchili, read the Bible.  In other countries, the people wants to read God’s Word. You have it. Read it. By the way, the music of my neighbor is “Give Me One Moment In Time,” and it reminds me of my mama. Huhuhu. Stop!!! And so I prayed an honest prayer: Holy Spirit, I know I’m bad but I need you to teach me God’s Word that I will understand. And He did. He helps me. Well, I have to be honest. God knows me anyway😆

So here’s the rhema in Exodus:




In Matthew:


In Psalms:


In Proverbs:


Had I been following my I don’t feel like drama kind of thing, then I would have not been receiving the best counsel this Tuesday.

What about you??? Maybe you are disciplined in reading His Word but is there something you can sometimes say, I don’t feel like _________(fill in the blank yourselves). How about if you ask the Holy Spirit’s help too.

Just try. And who knows. You too will experience the rain that gently falls. By the way it’s a sunshiney day today.

But let me share to you a quote I got from April Osteen Simons IG:

“It doesn’t have to be a bright, sunshiney day to have a bright sunshiney day.”

So, have #jochilicioustues to you😁😁

Jesus Loves You🌻


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