Get Up & Try Again

Haler!!! How’s everyone doing??? It’s still a little cold right here and water is like ice (hahaha). My brother said, I’m officially taking a bath in the ice water. So, the rest who followed also turned on the heater. Wow. Richness!!! Yeah. Thanks. The thermos is now filled with something too hoooot to meet the ice. Creative. Clap. Clap. I don’t know with you but this kind of weather makes me think of December. Well, everything is possible, in my mind (hahaha). You see, I woke up early because my bones can’t handle the coldness of the dawn. Wohooo. Everyone’s sleeping and it’s disrespectful to turn on the lights I guess. So. Metchili thinks of ways. I’m like BDO. I always find ways. Hahaha.

So here comes the light. Thanks much Ron Vader for giving this to Jonelo. Sorry. Everything that’s his is mine and everything that’s mine is mine. But you’re not married yet!!! You mean??? Hellow. Generosity is a lifestyle and purity is a predetermined decision. Opps. Getting serious huh? Defensive? Nope. Just saying. Hahaha.


I woke up early. So better read. Pratical. Good sense. Charr. Hahaha. I should put this first because if I won’t, then FB, Twitter, and IG will be shouting at me later and it’s hard to resist. Promise. Anyone here who can relate with me??? Common. It’s alright to be an authentic Christian.

As I’m writing, it reminds me of the skating our sister, well Jonelo’s sister but I love her and becomes my sister too and brothers has been doing last December. Yes. That’s right. At SM Seaside. As for the record, it was her first time. There were so many people there, skating here and there. We were the spectators. Taking pictures. Laughing. And laughing more.

I was observing Sonica fell countless times, she looked at us, probabaly watching our facial expressions for support, we laughed, she stood up, fell again, and we laughed out loud again and again.




Isn’t it the reality of life?? We thread the unfamilair and step on something new but regardless of the fall, it’s much easier to get up
because of those who laugh out loud behind us?? I mean, not the sarcastic kind of laugh but a laugh or a smile that says, yes you fall but stand up and I am just here until you can skate better like everyone else. Sometimes, there will be someone who will skate ahead of us. And. Sometimes, we will be the someone watching. Are we gonna be a cheer leader or ________________(fill in the blanks for me).

I remember the times when there were several couples who were married ahead of me. And. Guess what??? I was the first one to be in a relationship. I was a little bit sad. Promise. But behind me is my boyfriend who always said, “rejoice with those who rejoice.” One day. We will have ours too. Naks. He thought I was encouraged. But. I was insulted. Shut up. Please. Hahaha. Why Lord?? Why?? Yes. I asked that. First, God is not my boss. Second, He is my Papa. Third, I am His daughter.  So, I am confident that I can ask anything and He is not going to take it against me. And yeah. My boyfriend was right and I learned to cheer everyone on. I was not there in most of the weddings but I was alright in my heart,

What am I saying here after these stories that probably may not bring to the point?? Wohooo. Got yeah. Well, it’s this: “We are not going to get up alone, we need somebody else cheers so we will be able to try again.”

The favorite daughter of John and Dodie Osteen said in her IG (they are all favorites haha but the youngest always feels that way right??), “I pick my friends the way I pick my nail polish: Bright, Cheery, and Long Lasting.”

Steven Furtick said in one of his interviews with his wife, “Be the CEO to people.” Huh? As in CEO?? That’s impossible. Well, it’s NOW possible. Be the CHIEF ENCOURAGEMENT OFFICER to people.

Nelson Mandela also mentioned that “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

The best selling author Metchili C. Nacional quoted saying, “Someone’s denial of you does not mean the denial of God. It’s just means to say that what He has for you that you have not yet seen is far better than what you are seeing and what has been.” Dream Gurl. Speak it out. Cheer yourself. Hahaha.

Most of all, the One who holds the Universe in His hands. The One who knew you even when you were in your mothers womb. The One who sees what you are going through. The One who died for you because He loves you.

This is what He is saying for you:

But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus,
“Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” Mark 5:36 NLT

So, dust yourself off the shame. The mistakes. The heartaches. The pain. The impossibilities. The guilt.

I am giving you the permission to Get Up and Try Again.

Have a #jochiliciousvictory to you👏👏👏

Jesus Loves You🌻


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