Okay. If you had been reading my blog char yesterday, I prayed “Lord, please let the sun shines but please don’t make it too hot either because Your daughter will have a Bible Study at their office (City Soho Hotel) claiming. Hahaha. Well, Jesus reads my blog and the atmosphere slash weather is perfect.


Wohoo. The way becomes easier to walk on. No muddy way for me. No milky way. Metchili was elated.

The met up was totally beautiful with friends whom I have no doubt regarding their integrity of reading the Word. It was a BANG!!!




There were fresh revelations.

“You have to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit to enjoy Jesus.”

“Keep God’s goals before you and trust Jesus with the methods.”

“Before you check others, examine yourself first.”

So Ate Bing told us to Read John 9:1-17; 35-41. The blunder was when we started sharing, I did not know that I was reading Luke 9:1-17; 35-41. I was #ConfidentlyBeautifulWithAHeart (Miss Universe peg) and Ate Bing was shocked when I was reading a totally different texts (hahaha). Waaah. It was #jochiliciousfun.

Then we went down, sitting while waiting for my Prince (Jonelo) and I received a call. He asked where I was only to find out that he was behind us laughing. Wahahaha.

And as I was riding on his motorbike, we saw from a distance these kids who will like sing and intimidate you with their looks so you will give them at least coins. He said, be watchful but I saw the policemen in the motorbike too. Naks. I never felt afraid. When the kids began to sing, I pointed them to the policemen, the authorities looked at them and they stopped.

Isn’t it like having a relationship with Jesus and knowing His authority? The enemies can intimidate us with their attacks and torment us in our weaknesses. But. If we point them to Jesus. If we will just say Jesus. With confidence. They will backtrack too. Thank you Lord!!!

Okay. I passed the exam in one of the BPO’S but HR stopped and can’t continue the interview because of mismatch salary. I was so happy.

I went home relieved having passed the integrity test. Yehey. But. That’s another story. Hahaha.

Now, let me continue watching Kris TV :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Have a #jochiliciousday

Jesus Loves You🌻


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