I Wanna Eat

Promise. I woke up so hungry today. All I really want is rice, hot soup, hot choco and water and I’m good as solved. My head feels light. Naks. I can’t keep going. All I need is I have to eat. And I began to imagine every food at Jollibee. For a change. I just want to be in some place. Somewhere new. Made up. Then blog.


And think. I definitely had been missing work too. A work that requires me to dress as I am. No formal uniform. Meetings. Productions. Hosting. Make up. Super love.

But. It also made me realize of something. I’m hindered to go somewhere because of hunger. There’s this desire to feed myself first so I can go to where I needed to go.

Life is equally the same.

The clarity of the destination can be hindered because of a blurry journey due to the absence of a right transportation  & our inability to act. 

And what better transportaton could be other than communing with Jesus, hearing the teachings & help of the Holy Spirit & being familiar with the His manual, The Bible & ride.

As I am writing this, the Jollibee crew smiled at me and said that I must be making my assignment. I must look like high school now as I savor both the macaroni soup and the #jochilicios hot choco.

So try savoring Jesus. Commune with the Holy Spirit. If lost, reach your manual & when the direction is clear, ride on.

Ready??? Wait! I’ll have to check my Manual first.

Have a #jochiliciousmeal to you🌹🌺🌻

Jesus Loves You🌻


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