I Don’t Feel Like

This is just one of those days that my feelings would like to subdue my decision making. I don’t feel like going to the interview. I don’t feel like eating breakfast even if I can literally hear the sound of music in my stomach (tapz hahaha). I don’t feel like taking risks no matter how many youtube I watch of Pia Wurtzbach for encouragement (hahaha) but I feel like settling to where I am because comfort is far easier than adventure. I don’t feel like blogging even there’s this still small voice that says “be faithful in little things.” Feelings!!! But, if I will follow in this feeling, then, who I am now will be the same me when this year ends and in all actuality, I don’t like what I am seeing now. Although my identity isn’t in how much I am making. It’s not in my status. It’s not in how dolled up I look.  It’s not in the car I drive (not owning a car now hahaha). It’s not in the house I live. And it’s not in the people I am associated with. I know that it’s definitely in Jesus Christ. Yet, when Jesus was here on earth, He never settled. He risked His life. He walked in far flung places to heal people and give people hope. He’s firm with His convictions but kinder to many who simply trusts Him in their complete abandon away from fear but all out confidence in Him. His life has meaning because it’s never about Him but it’s for everyone to have hope now and the life to come. His joy is bringing glory to the Father, forsaking His luxurious position in heaven, coming down on earth, even to the point of death.

I guess the greatest motivation in life is a life dedicated to live like Jesus.

Matthew 20:28 That is what the Son of Man has done: He came to serve, not be served–and then to give away his life in exchange for the many who are held hostage.” The Msg

Work will have meaning because the motivation is to help. Finances has somewhat of value because it isn’t just for self indulgent but to share. Relationship becomes meaningful because it’s no longer on the basis self exaltation but in making sure that regardless of education, class, religion, race, every individual matters.

It’s always like that in the eyes of Jesus. And, as we get intimate with Him, we in turn see that people are not objects to reach our goals but God’s masterpiece so beautiful to serve.

So, what am I feeling now???

I feel that this precious life and my gifts isn’t for me to feed my ego but for me to be an expression of Jesus love. I hope I always have this feeling for keeps regardless of circumstances.

Always remember that:


Have a blessed #jochiliciousday to all of you💙

Jesus Loves You🌻


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