Youngest Has Wisdom Too

It was a long talk with my sister and having known everything that she’s been going through and although she’s our youngest sister and she always laugh out loud, I learned golden lessons from her too.

1) Help without expecting in return. Others may deeply in need and you know that you can help. Then help. You may not receive a reward from them but God has someone set up for you to assist you when you needed it the most. Count on God. Not in people.

2) Be Generous. It does not necessarily be money. It could be time. It could be ears to listen and a heart to understand. Regardless.  Don’t shield yourself too much in the four walls of your room. Share it & in due time, life will be nice back at you.

3) Say Positive. Nasty words released can’t be taken back and regret could be too late of a word. So better be quiet if what’s coming out isn’t nice.

4) Maintain the positive vibes. No one likes anyone who has a victim mentality. You are a victor and not a victim.

5) Empower yourself. You can’t just lie down and settle and accept life as full stop defeat. Conquer your weaknesses. Get up and just do it.

6) Get Real. We make mistakes. Confess it but don’t live in it. Life is too beautiful to savor to be bitter.

7) Promise then do it. Respect is earned not on what you say but more on what you do. Develop that personal integrity. It has it’s life reward.

It’s a paradox. I am the eldest but gaining wisdom from the youngest. What more so is the fact that she don’t know the Bible but she’s the one who practice it.

Proverbs 11:25
The generous will prosper. Those who refresed others will themselves be refreshed.

Here goes our wise, loyal, fun, bestfriend in the family and beyond. So proud. So blessed. So honored. To call her. Sis.


Wisdom is available, if we are willing to listen.

Have a #jochiliciousreflection everyone👏👏👏

Jesus Loves You🌻


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