He Is Focus, She Is Changing

I’m blessed to be in a relationship to a man who loves Jesus. Opps!!! Before you jump out of the page and begin to think how super spiritual this blogger is, keep on. The truth is, I am glad that Jesus is the common ground because apart from Him, I can’t find anything common in the two of us.

And so here’s to one of our differences: He Is Focus while I Am Changing.

He can stick to that one dream. He thinks about it. He dreams it. Sleep with it. Drive in it. Work upon it. Do it. Until he will have it. I remember him always wanting a motorbike and no matter how much I discourage him of having it, I was just surprised one day that he already brought two helmets with the most handsome radiance in his face. I was amazed but my being a natural intercessor shoots up all the more at that very moment.

I am exactly the opposite. This morning, I wanna be a lawyer. In the afternoon, I wanna be a stylist. In the evening, I wanna be a homemaker. The next day, I wanna be a photagrapher. The next month,  I wanna work. The only dream that stick with me is I wanna blog daily which is happening right now to which he is supernaturally surprised and have been thanking God for a miracle (hahaha).

See the differences? And there’s more. Let’s see if I will be comfortable in sharing that tomorrow. I told him that he must thank Jesus for giving me to him because his life is pretty much boring without (hahaha). On the other hand, I thank God for him because it gives me a little focus by supporting him on his dreams. Yay.

It’s been four years together and if you are asking when are we going to get married, we are still saving the date for ourselves (Char)👏👏👏

Maybe some of you have been heartbroken and betrayed by someone you thought as the one, I understand. I was there. Stick on Jesus. While it’s easier said than done, hold on. And while waiting, know this;

“the greatest love story starts in Him.”

So what happened to the differences? My take is rejoice. That makes the relationship fun.

Have a 🍮 and savor each uniqueness💗💗💗


Jesus Loves You🌻


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