Lord, Give Me A Husband

I always said that I belonged to the perfectly imperfect, lower class family. I grew up with no tv but a radio which was torn apart because I wanna listen to one station my brother don’t wanna listen and we pull this radio against each other and bang, it’s was broken (hahaha). I was so sad that I did it and I regret doing it but it was too late (regret is always at the end). But regardless of that poor state and imperfections, I wanna believe we’re rich. The place we live maybe the poorest to others but it didn’t feel that way because everyone was exactly like us. To many, our lamp is the moon at night and while we study in that light, friends and cousins came over and we get together and played. Oh, if I only remember the good old days, it was nothing but the faithfulness of God and a wonderful delight.

So, you might be asking, now, where’s the give me a husband here? (Hahaha). At an early age, I’ve seen my parents prayed. They said that God hears us when we pray. That He will help us. That He will one day change our lives. That He is compassionate to those who call on Him for help. That He is taking note of our heartfelt prayers. Although, I don’t completely understand who God was and I had no Bible to back me up then, I believe. I had the same prayer every night for my family and I name them to God one by one, I also had my personal requests. Yay.

I took faith to heart as a child and I talked to a God whom I believe can do anything and at eight (8) I prayed for my husband:

I said, Lord, please give me a husband who is taller than me (and with my height, every guy must be taller than myself hahaha), who is responsible and not a drunkard, who will not work abroad but here (Philippines but if he will, we must be together), older than me (now, he is way older in the way he thinks hahaha), who will bring me to church (promise, we didn’t even go to church then haha), and please let my first boyfriend be my husband, let him be my bestfriend first so I’ll know him, please give me a complete family and please help me to be pure until we get married.

I prayed that everyday at night and anywhere I get to church. I had suitors when I was in high school and I had my crushes too but I knew that they were not meant for me. I had good looking penpals who expressed their genuine intention, I believe, but we became friends.

I was thirty two (32) when I had my first boyfriend. I’m now thirty six (36) and as far as the thermother is concerned, it’s still normal, too far from convulsion (hahaha). I waited for twenty four years (24) to have my first Christian, professional, responsible, matured boyfriend
and to wait for another year/s for the wedding isn’t painful anymore. God has proven Himself faithful in the beginning, He is the same faithful God in between, and the same faithful God for the coming wedding.

Maybe, some of you had been waiting for so long too. Maybe the sight of couples holding hands while walking is painful to you. Maybe, you are heartbroken and the pressure from friends and colleagues are so intense. Maybe, you are asking,  if the best man and woman for you will come along too. Maybe, you passed the age of cultures definition of wedding and marriage. Maybe, you are in pain right now and February is a dreadful month for you.

I have no idea with the state of your heart. I have no idea with the pressures you’ve been through. I cried in those twenty four years too. But keep praying. Trust in the faithfulness of God. If marriage is for you, then, it is going to come in His timetable. He has His plans. He knows what’s best. The waiting maybe too long. The waiting maybe terrible. Yet, when the best one for you comes, I believe you can thank Him for the roads that seemed rough and for the story that seemed tough. As of the present and onwards, Jesus Christ is always enough.

Jesus said in

Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go into your [most] private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open. (AMP).

In Jesus, it’s always Valentines. In Jesus, it’s always a matchless love story.


Jesus Loves You🌻


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