I Was A Fool

This week had been pretty much messy for me which is a little bit surprising to someone who definitely loves order. I love when things are organized and at least clean because when it’s not, then my lazy bones will take over and I don’t wanna touch it. It’s like a bulk of work and pretty much overwhelming and I don’t know which one to start anymore. My bed is not kept. The dirty clothes are piling and growing like volcanoes that may probably erupt in any time this week. My Bible reading has been challenging especially when it took me time to understand about the significance of so many things in Exodus. I wanna stop reading, promise, but I have started it and I’m not comfortable to quit. This is 2016 so to finish what I started must be a good habit to form. Thanks Holy Spirit for the help. I had been totally distracted by social media. My mind has no direction. Pretty much lost and my spirit has been so dry, I really wondered why. Yet, then again, I continue with my Bible reading, Proverbs Daily, amazing.

So yesterday was the 9th of February, and so I read Proverbs 9. Bang! It’s just as if someone removed the spiritual lid and His Word becomes alive that I stood up and began to work.

So here’s the sharper than double edged sword that spoke to me yesterday:

Folly is an unruly woman; she is simple and knows nothing (Proverbs 9:13 NIV).

I checked unruly and it means undisciplined, disorganized, willful, and unmanageable. What a word!!! I saw me in those discriptions.

In other words, if I have no discipline in reading the Word, then I will know nothing of His pomises and I will lost the zeal in life. Then, I will just agree with what everyone else is saying, be affected in people’s opinion, and powerless. And that applies in any area of life as well. Like, if I cannot manage the household, how can I manage a future business. If I will not organized my day, then the day will end without nothing that will be accomplished. Then, I will be paranoid in the how I wish. How I wish I cleaned the house. How I wish I organized my desk. How I wish I do laundry. How I wish I study His Word more than social media, etc.

So, I repented. I surrendered to the Word. I ask help from the Holy Spirit. Organized my life. Make His Counsel the first. Use social media properly.

I was a fool but His Word brings me to what’s wise. His Counsel is superb. The Word Works. The Word is alive.

Go ahead and make a plan to listen to His Counsels more than what the Social Media says. Stop wishing. Write what you wanna do and just do it.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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