What A Journey It Has Been

I have no idea why for the most consecutive days, what comes before me are little irritations that’s about to steal my peace.  I was invited to speak and their coordination was too poor, we have to look for the place, the phone signal was suddenly lost, the rain gently falls and we can’t contact anybody and my attitude comes out shining in the rain – Complaining. I complained in the motorbike. So, while we were lost and wet in the rain, I spoke bitterly. These people can’t invite me again!!! They don’t even care. I did not force these things to happen. I did not present myself to speak. I’ve got my own quiet life. I miss the Valentines lunch with my boyfriends family. Blah. Blah. Blah. Then upon realizing that it looks like it’s impossible to find the place, I suddenly said, it’s okay. We can go somewhere. Have our pictures taken. Have fun. Be wet in the rain. I will not speak. This is not God’s will. Then I find myself enjoying the thought that there will be no speaking thing that is going to take place. Wohoo. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. As soon as I started to enjoy, bang! We saw the church that I needed to speak and I was mad again (hahaha). These people are not accommodating.  They looked from a far distance with not even a hand signal for us to come. I was extremely mad walking in the mud and as soon as the Pastor shook my hand I said everything about this makes me mad.

But, when I saw that there were a lot of young people probably wanting to hear God’s Word through me, I stood at the back and with my hands lifted up, I prayed. “Lord, cleanse me. Cleanse my heart. Wash me. Enable me to speak with joy. Minister to these young people. I have no ambition to be famous. I have no ambition to be appreciated after. It is Your Glory not mine. Just come for their sake, Lord.”

After about ten minutes in prayer and worship, someone introduced me and I have to go to the platform now thanking God to come and bless the youth. Because I believe in transparency, I told the truth and everyone laughed in unison.

Towards the end, when there was an invitation for them to come to the altar and accept the love of God, they rushed to the front, lifted their hands, and with tears flowing from their faces, shouted,  “Thank you for loving me Jesus!!!”

I lifted my hands towards heaven speechless and in awe of His presence. It wasn’t a good journey to begin with but it was a beautiful start for all the young people. 

So have fun. The journey will become more difficult with a stinky attitude (like mine).

Jesus Loves You🌻


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