Love Language

If you know the five languages by Gary Chapman then you know when I mention one language of love called quality time.

I am personally blessed to have the most thoughtful man in the world in my boyfriend and girlfriend state. They said that a person will change 10 times more than the ringless life so I’m beginning to believe that he will be more thoughtful 10 times better than this time. He never fails to bring something for me when he visited, cooks for me even when he’s tired, pick me up anywhere I am when I have appointments whether he has motorbike or not, support me in my useless and useful dreams, provided for me without me asking, express his I love you always and just loving me in the best way that he can express his love.

I am the opposite. I am not expressive. I learned to be thoughtful by being around him. I am an I don’t care about you kind of woman. As for me, serving is normal because I had been serving people all my life but it’s never because I love (hahaha). I don’t have a mother instinct kind of nature and I’m not an ideal eldest sister and daughter as well. Sometimes, if I’ll watch women, I’m pressured to the moon and back but God is so gracious to remind me that He made me as I am and He is fine with me. Wohoo. Refreshing. He even reminded me of that last night.

I express love in a very unique way. I will give my time. I’ll drop my phone. I’ll drop every social media present. I will not answer my phone. I’ll give you my undivided attention. I’ll listen to your soul, that inner cry of yours, and I’m willing to be there for you. For my boyfriend. For my friends.

Therefore,  when my boyfriend express his I love yous, when he give me things, when he serves me from his heart, when he hold my hands, it’s beautiful but I want more. I admire it but it’s not how love is defined for me.

I love our date time when he will just laugh and enjoy me in my being wierd. When he will just listen and tells me he understands. When he put his phone down and talks to me. When I have his undivided attention a week, then he can do everything else. I am the same way with God. I love my intimacy with the Lord. I am empty spiritually without it. I talk to Him what’s in my heart. No verses. Just a daughter pouring her heart to her Papa God. #TheBest.

My boyfriend is physical touch and affirmation. He feels loved when we hold hands and when he hears me saying I love you to him all the time. When I tell him how thankful I am for having him as God’s special gift for me. When I tell him that he’s the best leader ever. When he hears me that he is doing a great job. He thrives.

So this week, I complained despite everything else he does. My love bank is bankcrupt. I feel like I have him but completely disconnected.

To appease me, he searched the world and brought my favorites. I smiled finding it too sweet and cute and still ask, when is my date??? Hahaha. #LoveMonth#WednesDate#LoveLanguage


Jesus Loves You🌻


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