Eggciited As Excited

I don’t know with you but the Bible amazes me. When I’m afraid, I literally hug my Bible and it puts me to sleep. I believe it as the Word of God. I read it and I am corrected, loved, encouraged, inspired & repented countless times. It gives me hope when I’m worried about my brother and sisters. His Word speaks to me and I trust what He said and I can see that He is faithful through it all.

Today is one eggciiting day for me. It’s interaction with God. I like writing down my questions and the Holy Spirit gives me the answer and the Word becomes alive. It’s better than breakfast. It’s beautiful to dissect Words and begin to know what it means. Awesome. It’s also great to know my part in the Body Of Christ.

In saying this, I am excited to buy new notebooks for my Personal Bible Study particulary dissecting Matthew. And I am also excited for my Bible Study tomorrow at Orange Brutus Fuente.

What’s exciting for you this week??

Jesus Loves You🌻


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