Rediscovery In The Pain

Yesterday after washing the clothes, I felt a terrific pain in my left thumb. I guess, I accidentally hurt this thumb through a sharp edged plastic which I ignored hoping that it will just be naturally healed like how it usually happened in the past. Sadly, the pain became so severe that it gives me a slight fever and the infected area became untouchable. Not only that, the groaning pains echoes up to my head and even to the whole part of my body. Me, being the Wordy that I am went and checked if there are verses about left thumb which I can claim but there wasn’t except with those gory verses that makes me shook my head (hahaha). On top of that, the circumstances were even more cruel when the more I hid my left thumb not to be touched, it eventually hits the hardest area in the house.

At one instance, I paused and came to the Holy Spirit asking for His help. I remember silently praying asking Him for a Word and I will be fine. I told Him that I know that You live on the inside of me and that means you must be feeling the excruciating pain right now. The infected area is too small but since it’s covered by the nail, it’s hard to have this infection come out to the open for washing thus the indescribable pain.

So during dinner with my #MyLove and father, I just smiled as if nothing’s been happening,┬á hoping we will finish too soon so I can just breathed and just hear from the Lord. Thankfully while eating, I heard one word, not His Word from the Bible but a practical medicine that could alleviate the pain, “AMOXICILLIN” (hahaha). It really lighted my face but it also made me think how helpful the Holy Spirit is.

Healing is indeed the heart of God and medicine isn’t a contradictory to His will. It reminded me of a question I asked the Lord one time. I said, “God, if we can be healed through Your Word and in the name of Jesus, then why do we still need doctors?” And, I’ll never forget when I heard this inner answer that people will believe Him when they go to the doctors and He wants people to be well.

The night when I was about to sleep, I was still feeling the pain. It was an unexplainable kind of pain which I was confident of getting healed in the name of Jesus but it brought me into the direction of compassion.

It reminded me of the pain my father must have went through when he accidentally fell that badly wounded his head. The pain that my brother in the Lord felt as he is fighting against the attack of stage 4 liver cancer. The pain that everyone went through when they met an accident. The pain of those strangers who are fighting for their lives and are in the hospitals.

Then I went to the Lord and I began thanking Him. I never thanked Him that way ever but I thanked Him for letting me experience that indescribable pain if the end result would be compassion to those who are hurting and in pain. If I could kneel down for those who hurt too much but are too untouchable because pain overwhelmed them. If I could stand for others in the spiritual realm until they receive their healing be it spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. Then what I felt is just too little compared to the victory that would take effect in other people’s lives, my family, my friends, and myself.

Sometimes in life, what pained us the most could be a breaking point of rediscovering the very reason of why we were born and why we are still alive.

And as for me, it’s staying in my POST PRAYING FOR OTHERS and myself.


Just in case you are wondering right now over what I’m feeling and how my left thumb is, well, it’s getting better, no more fever, and I still do my daily home chores as usual.

God is our Healer. The Holy Spirit is our trusted Helper. And our intercession could help others as well.

Jesus Loves You🌻


2 thoughts on “Rediscovery In The Pain

    1. @Gretiana, you are so beautiful and so special in the Father’s Heart. Have a great day to you regardless of how this day looks like knowing that we have a great #PapaGod­č匭č匭čĺŚ

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