What does it feel when you are celebrated? When you are remembered? When you are not just greeted but literally be engaged in typical social activity? When the people around you are up to something?  You must be worth a million bucks. You must be so special. You are enough. You have what it takes. Nailed it, you’ve got it. To someone who has the highs in life, that must be something worth to frame.

On the other hand, what would you feel when you were with these people but you never was celebrated?  When the corresponding actions are just a sweet smile for a professional form of respect and and general form of hello just to make their presence felt but the effort isn’t there? That’s painful. It feels that you are not enough. And that you are wonderful to be tolerated but not celebrated. And if you are not careful, it does to your self esteemed.

I exactly feel the highs and lows of both. I remember how we celebrated birthdays when I was still working in one of the religious organizations in Cebu. That every person, whether they contribute much or not must be treated as someone so special. That everyone is so valuable and that they are not just accepted because there’s no one else but because they are a soul that deserves genuine love.

I also experience being tolerated. When I feel to be so special and accepted then later in the course of time realizing that everything was just my assumption (hahaha). It’s a major disappointment to realize that the people you think you are close enough have pets. All along, they have favorites. And the favorites will just be displayed in their special life event or in the lows of their life when they need something and it is going to be given to them.

The truth is, others will have pets in the same way that we have our own favorites too. There are people that we met whom we clicked probably not outright at the moment but in a matter of time. It’s life.  No matter how terrific we think they are and how wonderful we think we are, we always become a major disappointment to someone. The key is to fully know who we are in Christ and to find our value in Him alone.

1 Corinthians 1:2 in the Amplified version says who we are in Christ:

■ We are consecrated.
■ We are purified.
■ We are made Holy.
■ We are selected.
■ We are favored.
■ We received spiritual blessings.
■ We are enriched.
■ We are full of power.

We don’t need to look far for validation. We are loved by the One who flung the stars in place. And while it is wonderful to be remembered and celebrated by the people we think we are special to them but haven’t received any, let’s look beyond ourselves and think of the street kids who had been rejected not just by family members but the society as well.

I’ll never forget Angel who saw me on the street once. She approached me to help her walked across. We held hands and when we reached on the opposite side, she hugged me so tightly with tears in her eyes and gently thank me for letting her feel how special I made her day.

Sometimes in life, our disappointments are His divine appointment to uncover the beauty of His heart and made it significant to someone else.

Proverbs 11:25 The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed (NLT).

So, if you feel being tolerated then flip the negative thoughts out, wipe your disappointments and look for someone who probably needs it the most.

Know that you are so special in the Father’s heart.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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