Believe When You Pray

Last night I dreamed of myself speaking the Word of God. I kept confessing Mark 11:24 which says when you pray believe that you have receive it and it will be yours. And this verse came up again and again and again. And it emphasized on “when you pray believe.” And then I realized that it is while we pray that we come out believing. We  believe on the inside that God hears our prayers and Jesus is saying Yes to His promises plus Jesus is praying for us.

We don’t come out in the prayer closet with an answer in our hands. Healing will not manifest overnight unless God perform a miracle. A wayward child may not come back home after the amen. But, we know on the inside that right after we prayed, the answer is Yes. Yes, to His promises. So we come out from our prayer closet in faith not in fear.

For example when I come to the Lord for healing, I will pray His promise.  I’ll say, Father, my left shoulder hurts but your Word said in Isaiah 53:5 that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed. So Father, I believe that I receive my healing and I see my left shoulder healed in Jesus name. Amen.

The Amen means so be it. It means let it be to me according to Your Word like Mary answered to the Angel of the Lord. It’s not a religious word to signal the closing prayer. It means healing is mine and I am healed.

Then after the Amen, my left shoulder still hurts but if I believe that I am healed, I will not keep saying something is wrong with my shoulder, I don’t know what is this really. I had been praying but I don’t know. Maybe this is not His will to heal me. No!!! If my shoulder still hurts, I will speak to my shoulder and say, shoulder, by the stripes of Jesus you were healed therefore you are healed. I will raise it up. I will worship the Lord. I will act as if I am healed. I will talk healed. I smile healed. I will say Amen to all the Healing Scriptures that I could find. Why?? Because when I pray, I believe that I receive my healing and therefore I have my healing. I will thank God for it.

So you might say what if your shoulder will never get healed? Well, if you are not meditating and confessing the promises of healing then you will doubt and I will not doubt with you. I read the Word of God and I believe that He is what He said in His Word. I am not on your side of unbelief. I am on His side. I believe that He can do what man can’t do. I believe that He is not a man that will change His mind.  I believe that I receive when I pray and that settles it. Hallelujah.

What am I doing? I believe when I pray that I receive. I confess that I am healed. I act healed. And, I will walk that way forever. Glory to God.

You see, if we pray and doubt after we pray then probably our faith has not been fully developed. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. We have to hear the Word until we are convinced that what He said is true then we can believe in it. When circumstances comes, we have the sword of the spirit which we fully believe and we should not back down.

Faith will not eradicate fear overnight. Faith will grow through spiritual exercise. We have to hear His Word again and again and again then faith grows. Then, we can believe for the miraculous. Then we can walk in this earth like how Jesus walks. Why? Jesus was so convinced of what His Father can do and when He prayed and talked, He prayed and talked as if it is answered and we can be like Him primarily because He lives on the inside of us.

Therefore, let us feed on the Word so that our faith will grow and grow and grow and we will become a living memorial that God is faithful and He is true to His promises.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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