His Word Is Not Overwhelming

If you are like me, then maybe you have thought of the Bible as overwhelming. It’s a thick Book and having known it as the Word of God, which Book are we going to start?

Thankfully, we have great Local Churches who are concern enough and appropriate the Bible Books and verses for us for a year. There are what we call “Bible Reading Plan for Year 2016” and it definitely helps. However, if we have not tried reading even one verse for a day, then that plan won’t work. If thinking a verse seems impossible and one verse is even too hard to understand, then we can read through the guidelines but probably we will also miss the voice of God.

For me, Reading His Word isn’t a contest. It will not make God love you less if you only have Romans chapter 8 for the whole year nor will it make God love you more if you read His Word from Genesis to Revelation.

The bottom line is transformation. Did it change the way we think? Did it change the way we conduct ourselves towards others especially with those people whom we dislike. Do we have faith in Jesus Christ? Are we becoming secure with the Father’s love? Are we improving on the outside because of what we take on the inside? Do we become like Jesus Christ year after year or act far superior than others?

So how are we going to read the Bible so that it won’t overwhelm  us?

1) Ask help from the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible because the Bible is a Spiritual Word and only the Holy Spirit will enable us to understand God’s Word.

2) Read the Book of the Bible of which you feel in your heart is what the Holy Spirit is leading you to read. If you have a hard time, try starting in the Book of Matthew.

3) Start reading in chapter one and keep going until you begin to recognize a verse that speaks to your heart. You begin to identify with that verse. You highlighted it or underlined it. It refreshes you and encourages you. That’s what the Holy Spirit is for you on that day.

4) Stop right to that verse that speaks to your heart and start thinking about it. That’s meditation. You are digesting it. You are chewing it.

Matthew 6:33 But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. AMP

So here were my meditations when this verse spoke to my heart:

a) What do you mean by first? Is this first in the morning? First before starting anything? Etc.
b) What do you mean by the Kingdom of God?
c) What do you mean by His righteousness?
d) When You say these things, what do you mean?

Then wait for what the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Have a small notebook and a ballpen. When He drops thought about that verse, write that down. When you do grocery and He drops another thought, type it in your phone and transfer it in your notebook.

5) Live The Word or Live Matthew 6:33. It’s no longer a quote. It’s integrated in your spirit, soul, and body.

And if the Lord is still dealing with you about Matthew 6:33, then stay there. Probably read it in another translation. Don’t rush when He is not done with you yet in that one verse. Allow that Word to expose what’s in the heart. When He is done, then continue reading. If takes one year, for me that’s fine.

Again, reading God’s Word is not a contest. It’s transformational. Let it become an integral part of you until you become like Jesus Christ.

It is far better to have one verse that becomes part of our system than having read the whole Bible but has not remember one verse or has not been changed one bit.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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