Test To Closeness

I am a relational, quality type of gal and in saying, I love a relationship build in this circle. I love nice talks and laughter. I love the Word of God but if that’s just what people are texting me everyday, these Scriptures that don’t even have a revelation on their part but just passed on for texting sake, it kinda turned me off. I don’t like it because number one I read my Bible. It also gets into my nerve these “how are you kind of thing in public cyberspace.” The “how are you melted the heart when it’s privately sent.

Concern don’t need to be showed off but rather it has to be done out of genuine relational concern. Send SMS. Message in Messenger. Go on Viber. Visit if you can.

We don’t need to let people know that we are concern of someone else we think is close to us but rather let’s be personal in letting someone know our genuine care. I guess, one of the disadvantages of Social Media is we become too impersonal, too fake, and too coward to hide on our posts.

Intimacy either to friends, to your husband or wife, to your children, to our boyfriend or girlfriend does not necessarily need to be publicly shown but it must be felt in their heart.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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