Be Spectacular

I tried being part of a group who somewhat are cooler when together but way too cold when apart. Their social media photos seemed to have the relational depthness but too far off in life and death and the lowest moment in life. Their picture perfect smiles and laughters are posted to project an image of what the spectators would like to have. I for one was a perfect spectator who is in ohhh and ahhh of the spectaculars.

On the other hand, I’ve seen upclose too how one person seemed too elusive from the crowd, too detached on religious activities, too distant from social media yet too spectacular to people who matter to them, first to their respective loved ones and few close friends. I call them spectaculars.

Without looking too far, I could give the credit to the Lord Jesus Christ too, who lives on the inside of us, not showing off His credentials as the Son of God, who has the Universe in His hand, but stooped down to live in our stinky dirty heart, listening to our complaints, to our discontentments, to our joys, helping us in our hard and hardest time through the Holy Spirit, even to the extent of carrying our sorrows and pains.

Too many distractions these days disabled us to become spectacular because we are too caught up in wanting to be fully known by strangers and by those whom we would like to impress that we missed the beauty of our impact within.

As such I realized that we have to have the spectacular living within our hearts and allow Him to make an impact in our lives so that what’s within will spectacularly come out. It’s too hard to become spectacular without Jesus within. It’s harder to give something we don’t have within. We may become what we want to someone for a while or we might do good because someone else asks us to do so but it expires. The goodness of our Heavenly Father, the love of Jesus, and the Help of the Holy Spirit within us will last within us until we meet Jesus face to face.

We can be spectacular with Jesus in our hearts.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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