Leading Me Is Harder

Way back, I always hear a family member pointing a finger on me and telling me “to practice what you preach again and again and again.” It really like bother me because I thought that what I said was the real deal and flat out truth that someone needed to hear. I have my opinion on everything but thankfully, His Word arrested me and pointed me to the truth of my own life as well.

And yes, a family member was right that I have to practice what I preach. I sat down in reflection and realized that the easiest thing to do was to blurt out my mouth and straighten someone else only to wake up that the right thing to do is to have me straighten out first through the Word of God. That means, I have to give the entirety of me to His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to do some quickening to highlight which one that has to be dealt with first. I can’t be transformed overnight. Even the Bible pointed out that it has to be from glory to glory.

Having said that, I released myself from the pressure of leading others to God but rather I have to lead me first. Instead of telling people to read the Word and to meditate the Word, I do it to myself first regardless of where I sleep and no matter how inconvenient that is in my flesh. Sometimes, I am with people who are still in their sweet sleep while I have to be awake to read and meditate His Word. This does not mean to say that I am way better than others and that God loves me more because I read His Word more than others. The truth is, there is nothing more that I do that makes Him love me more and there is nothing less that I do that makes Him love me less. He loves us, period.

What I am doing is leading myself so that when I will be given the opportunity to lead people again, I already have a deep rooted integrity regarding His Word. On the other hand, even if there’s no opportunity to lead others, having me is enough (hahaha).

The same thing holds true in doing the household chores. If I just have to tell others to wash the dishes without me lifting a finger to do it myself first, then they probably will do it with a heavy heart while I am slowly losing my voice to be heard.

Attitude is caught than taught and I am glad that in Jesus Christ, God’s mercy is always new every morning. I always have a new day to start a new habit and I always have the Holy Spirit to help me so the Godly habits can be maintained until I’ll be a hundred and twenty years old.

If we can have ourselves to follow our simple instructions then leading others would be easier with the help of God as always. I guess, it’s not practice what I preach but preach what I practice.

Jesus Loves You🌻


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