Something To Smile

When a heart is too heavy and tears will just come out, Jesus is my everlasting help and His presence is my good.

Yesterday, after church, He makes my heart leaped with joy when I saw colorful cute notebooks in Booksale. When I was surrounded with books and I don’t even need to read them. Just staring at them shelf by shelf somehow erases the pain in my heart. When I know that Jesus is good but the circumstances seemed too deep to comprehend. When you lose a brother in the Lord who is too dear, tears will just flow like a river. When you are left standing on His promises and he is gone. When the heart grieved and only Jesus can truly understand.

Standing in Booksale and staring to books of differrent colors, of different titles, of different shapes, some books are written long before I was born, and seeing cute colorful notebooks, I could just feel Jesus being with me. He did not say a Word, He just stayed. As my love bought me this notebook, I could just feel Jesus saying I understand. He is just right to where I am feeling what I deeply feel.

The truth is, there’s not enough words to comfort the grieving except our presence as that in the same way was how Jesus comforted me.

And as I see this cute beautiful notebook, it reminds me that His presence is far better than words and in essence it does reminds me too that my presence in someone else’s life especially when they are grieving is far better than the default words in my head.


Jesus Loves You🌻


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