Happy Birthday My Love

I wish I will have the best words to ever describe a man after God’s own heart. I wish my heartfelt honor will give justice to a gentleman who is gracious and as loving as you. Yet, regardless, let me publicly declare how great of a man you are.

Yes, probably, to your family, I may not be able to qualify their love over you because they had been with you far too long more than I do. And so if they love you more than they think I do for you, I would rather ride in the boat of “positivity ” and in a way be grateful that their matchless love for you other than Jesus of course makes you the best you and eventually that kind of love spills over and reaches into the depths of me.

You’ve gone too far from the time that I met you.

From a shy man to a confident gentleman.

From being too ordinary to being extraordinary.

From a being a follower to being a gifted leader.

From being good to being excellent.

Your heart radiates the heart of Jesus.

Your minds becomes sharper as you daily connects to our Savior..

Your sense of humor is totally amazing, it makes me laugh every time that I am with you or when I remember you.

You are the most selfless man I know.

You are too kind, too patient, too gentleman, too helpful, the fruit of the Holy Spirit is so evident in you.

When you are with me or when I am with you, I can’t help but thank Jesus under my breath  because He gives me you.

People wander how in the world did I ever get a tall, responsible, kind, Engineer and handsome Christian guy when I am too small, too short, too difficult to be with, too old and not too beautiful like the ladies in the worldly gaze.

But there is one thing, I am too sure why distance collides into a place where you needed to see the unique me.

Because way before you were born, I was there on my knees genuinely praying that He will protect you, guide you, and lead you so that regardless of how many ladies you met, your heart will never be crazy in the same way that it beats towards me.

I know that there are so many people who loves you and probably they love you more than they think that I do for you but over all, I consider it as a great privilege, gift, and honor to feel like a princess and to be loved by a man who experienced the unconditional love of Jesus and generous enough to give it to me regardless of the cost.

When I am with you, it feels like Jesus from heaven on earth.c360_2015-12-25-16-25-17-331.jpg

When I am with you, I can’t help but be thankful to Jesus who is Love in the very first place.

I love you so much and cheer to next eighty three years of love like Jesus does here on earth.

Thank you for the LOVE.


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