Please Forgive Me

Lately, some great people had been giving me constructive criticisms regarding my post. Having been given the gift and the ability to write plus being wired of being too emotional, I realized that my write- ups had been a displeasure to various individuals. While I don’t wanna go through the details, I take it upon myself to come to all of you asking for forgiveness for being too personal and too emotional in my posts. I am sorry for appearing to be too negative and instead of encouraging you, I felt like it discourages you all the more. I know that SORRY now a days is too easy of a word to say and I understand if no one will take me for this, but just keep reading my post and see the difference. I am so sorry for misrepresenting first of all the Lord Jesus Christ through my posts and may you continue to still trust Him and believe in Him while I am still His project for transformation. I desire to just be me in this post but I realized that I lowered myself too much for me to be respected and trusted. Nevertheless, may you all extend your forgiveness towards me as I move forward into walking in His Word more than my own disgusting opinions that does not build up the Body Of Christ.

May you still call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as I will still continue to humble myself into His Lordship until His image is formed in me.

Looking forward to a meaningful time with you as you take time to be refreshed the next time you read His thoughts more than mine in this page.



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