The roosters crows as if I really have to wake up but the weather becomes magical as it is getting cold, a treat after the scorching heat. The trees are still green regardless of the ultra violet rays. The breeze swift sofly and greets me a fresh day.

This is the very day God acted -let’s celebrate and be festive! (Psalm 118:24). I look around and I see God’s goodness. My family is healthy. Their smiles are precious. I raised my left hand, and it’s restored and sound as the other one (Matthew 12:13). This is my 17th day of enjoying a healthy left hand healed by the Word of the Lord after a month of intense pains.

I randomly checked how I started with my relationship with God and how beautiful it was to be enriched all the more now. I loved my all out trust and my child like faith which was too simple but too powerful without any such rituals and complications.

I get up and get away with all the complexities, entering in boldly into His throne of grace.  From a far little distance is my #MyLove who is thinking of how to repair the stairs.  Beside me are my Bible of different translations that inspires me way before I even opened it.

Then, I went down and see how a flowery plant withers, the leaves fall but it fights back it’s strength probably looking forward for June. And it reminds me of Isaiah 40:8 that says, the grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God will stand forever.

Today, I carry with me God’s Word in Lamentations 3:23 that declares, Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

Sometimes a day may stink but having receive another year of His goodness, I made a decision based on His Word to wake up by faith and regardless of what I see, I’ll just say it as it is. Today is a fresh day for me with His huge mercy.

May you stand up in faith and be refreshed that today is a refreshing day and may you catch in faith His mercy that’s falling like rain.

Have A Refreshing Day To All.



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