Reminders That Command Respect

One of the reasons that I love about the Bible is that, it’s very simple, it’s very practical, it’s very handy, and it’s very doable of course with the support of the best Helper in the world, the Holy Spirit.

I found that there are three reminders that commands respect from the unprofessing Christians. It is something that makes the indecisive about Christ may probably give them a light to cast their vote on Christ.

So, here are the three reminders that command respect:

1) STAY CALM. Calmness is the easiest when everything is peaceful. When there’s still money in the bank. When our loved ones are behaving right. When our prayers are answered in our preferred time. When people are nice and helpful. But the Bible said, stay calm. That means we have to live in the calmness of our soul regardless of our present circumstances. That everything will be alright at the end. That solutions will just come out. That God is right with us able to help us. This is something that took me so much time to do being a woman who wants to control everything and I am still a woman in progress.

2) MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Having started my #5AM habit because I am believing for a day job makes me upset sometimes when I still see people sleeping soundly in their bed when there’s still so much thing to do. But this habit that I am starting to form is a training for me and not for them. I remember Joyce Meyer complains about how early her days went when others are still lying down asleep. God asked her, you ask me for big things right? Then it requires big sacrifices. Therefore, let’s just focus on what God asks us to do because at the end of it all, the results won’t be for them, it’s for us.

3) DO YOUR OWN JOB. We set our day contrary to others. If we started to have a vision for our life, ours could be totally different than those who don’t. Since I believe God has placed big dreams in my heart, it requires big steps and sacrifices on my part. I have it in my heart to work again, study law, and more, so I am starting to make a habit of waking up early and reading and memorizing verses to sharpen my mind because the work and the next course that I desire requires me to have a sharp brain. That means to say that I can’t watch television whole day and expect me to have a sharp brain. That means to say that I should be personally happy with this choice even if I could hear everyone enjoying a good show on television. But, I do watch the afternoon show when it’s too hot because I can’t do anything in my room. I go down, watch the singing contest and be inspired by the contestants who give their best when challenged. When it’s not too hot, I return to my room and read and memorize again.

Are all these in the Bible? Yes. This makes me so excited about His Word. I read success books but nothing beats the Word that is active, operative, energizing, and effective (Hebrews 4:12 AMP).

Let me show to you that the three reminders are in 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 that says, Stay calm; mind your own business; do your own job. You’ve heard all this from us before, but a reminder never hurts. We want you living in a way that will command the respect of outsiders, not lying around sponging off your friends. The Msg

Since, I still need improvement in this area, I meditate and confess these verses everyday until it becomes a part of me. Someone said that we become what we repeatedly hear. I have to hear this myself until it becomes a natural part of me.


We can do this with the Holy Spirit.

Cheering For You,


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