Keep Saying It

A famous bleeding woman recorded in the Bible has all the reasons to give up. She suffered from the flow of blood for twelve years. The doctor gave her up. She spent all the money she had but instead, she grew worst. She could have surrender to her physical pressure and exclaimed, “Take Me Home Lord, I Am Ready”, but NO. Rather, SHE KEPT SAYING, IF I ONLY TOUCH HIS GARMENTS, I SHALL BE RESTORED TO HEALTH (Mark 5:28). She was on the worst situation in her life, but FAITH comes out of her mouth. She talked LIFE and not DEATH. The result? She heard the reports concerning Jesus and she  GOT UP, DO WHAT SHE KEPT SAYING, and regardless of her physical condition, she passed through the crowds and TOUCHED JESUS GARMENTS and immediately her flow of blood DRIED UP at the SOURCE, and she felt in her body that SHE WAS HEALED OF HER DISTRESSING AILMENT (Mark 5:29). What happened? The woman got what SHE KEPT SAYING. JESUS commended her that her FAITH RESTORED HER TO HEALTH (Mark 5:34). Where’s her faith there? Her WORDS. She KEPT SAYING IT and SHE GOT IT. You have to remember that Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit–you choose (Proverbs 18:21).

When I was told that it’s way too impossible for me to finish college, I kept speaking what my grandfather has taught me, “Poverty Is Not A Hindrance To Success” and God made it for me. When I was laughed at over why I still don’t have a boyfriend for a long time, I kept answering people that “God Has Prepared Someone Special For Me” and He did. When I was told that it’s impossible for me to pass the Teacher’s Licensure Examination, I kept declaring, “God Will Finish What He Started In My Life” and I passed. When I had a horrible pain in my left arm, I kept confessing “Thank You Jesus For You Carry My Sorrows And My Pains and by Your Stripes I Was Healed” and I can now lift my hands up worshipping Jesus. In fact, it’s a month already and I am still thanking Him by speaking my Healing Scripture. Thank You JESUS!!!!!💕👏💕👍

Dodie Osteen, the mother of Pastor Joel Osteen was sent home by the doctors to die of metastatic cancer of the liver. But, she kept confessing her healing scriptures everyday. When she passed at the cemetery she screamed God’s Word in Psalm 91:16, With Long Life God Will Satisfy Me And Show Me His Salvation. Now, Dodie Osteen is completely healed of cancer, strong and healthy on her 80’s, still praying for the sick and still Confess her Healing Scripture to this day. Isn’t that amazing?  She kept saying what she believes in her heart and she got it.

The same thing holds true with you. Speak your healing until you see it in your body. Speak your prosperity until you see it in your family and finances. Speak your promotion until you see yourself promoted. Speak the best future you believe for your children until you see it in their lives. Speak increase and health for your spouse until you see it. Speak your best job you could ever have until you will have it.  Never give up. Just like the bleeding woman who kept saying her healing while she bleeds to death, speak what you believe for yourself even when it hurts. Speak what could have been, not what is. Be your own best cheer leader. Agree with His Word. Say it again and again until your thoughts, actions and circumstances line up with His Word. I promise you, you will never be the same again.

Thanks for reading and KEEP SAYING IT until you SEE IT💕



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