Upward God’s Way 1 – Have A Vision

Many are day dreaming to become like the success of someone else. We wish we have their house,  their money, their fame, their power, their relationship, their career, and etc. They are the headlines and the center stage and we aspire what they become but how did they reach there? In fact, many believers are disappointed in life because they prayed for at least twenty years (20 years) but nothing has been changing.  The world are flourishing while the believers are way too defeated in life.  Does the Bible has some advice for success or it’s just for the exceptional few who landed on some luck in life?!? The truth of the matter is this: “The Bible is a reliable source for succes for an upward kind of life.”

Let me start to share with you the first principle for an Upward Life God’s Way. First is VISION.

Where there is NO VISION the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he (Proverbs 29:18 KJV).

So, what is the VISION that God has been sharing in your heart? Is that getting out of poverty? Paying your debt? Building A Home? Doing missionary works? Lasting relationship? Building A Career? Saving Money?  Writing a book? Blogging? Business?

Or let us start in simple things. Like what is your vision for the day? Do you see a house clean? Spend time with God in His Word? Meditating God’s Promises? Taking your kids to the park?

Remember, without a VISION for the day, you will perish. You feel lethargic to wake up. You will just stay in bed waiting when the next entertainment will be shown. You probably browse your social media account and probably will have fun doing it. Then, the night comes and you feel frustrated because you feel inadequate and inferior for not doing anything. And then, insecurity crepts in by being unhappy of the success of someone else.

What happened? There’s no VISION for the day. Someone said, the way you do anything is the way you do everything. So if laziness will become a way of the day, then, it will become a habit and eventually will become a way of life.

Therefore, let’s have a VISION for our life and let’s back it up with what we do everyday.


Have a great day visionaries💗


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