Upward God’s Way 2 – Write The Vision

As a side note, the VISION that God gives us is very clear but because it’s TOO BIG, we have double thoughts whether its’ s from God or not. We have to understand that the One who gives the VISION is a GOD of the IMPOSSIBILITIES and the GOD of BIG THINGS, therefore, when He speaks, we should not be surprised over how HUGE the VISION IS. And the reason over why the VISION is SO BIG is because He has a plan of doing it, not us alone. We are only a steward and a privilege Sons and Daughters who are trusted to perform God’s agenda and His purposes here on earth. Terri Savelle Foy said in one of her podcasts “If your dream is not BIG ENOUGH, you probably are not hearing from God.”

So what are we going to do when we already receive the VISION of our FUTURE from God? God has a COUNSEL from the Book of Habakkuk.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 Then the LORD told me:¬† “I will give you my message¬† in the form of a vision.¬† Write it clearly enough¬† to be read at a glance. At the time I have decided,¬† my words will come true.¬† You can trust what I say¬† about the future.¬† It may take a long time,¬† but keep on waiting–¬† it will happen! (CEV).

When God speaks to us about our future, He always paint a picture in our hearts. You probably see yourself in the bookstore signing your best selling books. Some of you may see yourself having a peaceful family who stand the tests of time with your successful kids. Others may see a flourishing business and giving big bucks to charities, local church, and your very own families.

Whatever God has impressed in your heart, He gives a very wise counsel. “WRITE THE VISION CLEARLY.” Do not think of your disability to make it come to pass to disable you to write, just WRITE it. To WRITE what you think as impossibilities is believing that it’s not going to be your might, nor by your power but by the Spirit of the Living God. You may not understand how it is going to come to pass but that’s why you have to TRUST GOD and lean not on your own understanding. WRITING is the first breaking point against unbelief. To the artists, you can have a PICTURE beside what’s written to inspire you. That’s what I usually do because I find the VISION too bland without pictures or colors. Whatever, just start from there. Someone said, “AS SOON AS YOU THINK IT, INK IT.”

So what are the VISIONS that God has painted in your heart? Start to WRITE IT DOWN. If not, then just approach God so He can paint His VISION for you to accomplish here on earth.


Have a great day Faith filled people of God💗


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