Waves And Wind

Passing through the Old Bridge enables me to see the ocean, how sometimes it’s beautifully blue, other times it’s mixed in white with bubbles and in some rare occassions, it’s deeply blue with a shade of black dancing from one end to another in waves that maybe raging or calming. 

Last night was typically a bit of warring waves but separated as big ships passed by. As the jeep stopped in the middle of the bridge, I could see how the waves went simultaneously in one directions. The ocean was moved by the invisible wind and it’s reality became visible through the waves.

Sometimes in life, we think that God is not doing anything but if we only pause and become purposely aware, we begin to realize that even in our inability to grasp Him, we know that our lives moves in a direction that seemed nonsense in our natural mind but if it’s not for His doing, ours could be purposeless and bland without implication. Our inability to see Him does not equate God’s irresponsibility in our lives.

May we all be fully aware of His presence and may we joyfully ride along with His leading with the trust that He who created us know us better than we know ourselves.


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