When Mute Speaks

I had the privilege of joining my boyfriend assisting his co-worker’s family to have a medical check up and the message that came across beyond words is GENUINE LOVE. You see, Emelito (Kuya Emelito) is mute but he works for his family. He is single because according to him, he is not going to get married because he has to take care of his mom and it was his mom whom we brought to the clinic last night. He has a happy disposition with a heart of overwhelming gratitude and their simple lives presented to me upfront impacted me most. 

Sometimes in life, we take for granted the blessing of being able to talk and we use our tongue to complain, take revenge, and be ungrateful. Other times, we sit in total discontent by comparing our present reality in the lens of people’s highlight. But I guess, the greatest scene up close is watching someone whom the society considered less but has so much more love to give. 

The world talks about love but Kuya Emelito whom everyone labeled as mute SHOWED IT. 

May we start to thank God for whatever we have until more will no longer be a surprise because it comes naturally to someone who has a grateful heart. 


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