Ten Spies, Crabs, & Faith

In the workplace, we are either surrounded by various people of different declarations and worst swearing left and right. If we are not careful and if we don’t have the Word of God as a standard then it’s way too easy to speak like them, believe like them, and behave like them too. 

When what is expected seemed to be impossible and too intimidating, the ten spies speaks. They say, this is not for me, this is impossible, the job is too hard, I’m not good enough and more. But, when you excel, the crabs make themselves visible too. They start ignoring you, gossip about you, and put you down. 

But we who have faith in the Lord will rise above these cages. Just like Joshua and Caleb we can brush all the negativity and declare that where we are is an exceedingly good place. That we have the potential to be promoted and to rule the land. That it may not take place yet but it soon will. That’s faith. That’s the spirit. That’s a different attitude that pleases the Lord.

So, speak life in your darkest place until it will crack open to the fullness of light for Jesus who is the light shines on the inside of you and darkness cannot overcome it.

Have Faith👊


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