Show Up

Sometimes, where we frequent into preferably our workplace can be a toxic environment to report to. I guess, enclosed with our paycheck are various challenges to face with the strength of the Lord. At all times, we are treated according to our performance and in some cases we are the pet peeves of those who are above us that help can be so minimal. But on the other hand, these hurdles can be a measure stick of who we are on the inside and how we are made up as a person. We can right away give up and update our resume and apply somewhere else but the truth is, the next place of which we think as the greener pasture can be worst than where came from. In the hardest times at work when quitting is the nearest one to jump and the easiest solution to match, STOP, PAUSE, & LISTEN to the still small voice in the heart. Give it one more time, get up, and SHOW UP. Give your best and remember that IT’S HARD TO TRAMPLE THE GOOD PERFORMER.

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