I was just riding in the jeepney when a young boy sang Dance With My Father Again in Tagalog. I was holding ten peso coin with me when I heard something in my heart that says, “what if I’ll ask you to give your ten peso coin to that boy”? Me, being spiritual as I am silently said no to God with an excuse of he is even out of tune God, as if I am a gifted singer hahaha. But who among you here know that when we argue with God, He will definitely win. So, with a corrected heart I shared and the other teenager followed along. As the boy finished singing, he looked at the two of us who gave, smiled and genuinely said, thank you very much. My heart melted like ice. Usually, when we have kids singing while on the jeepney stop, these children will never say thank you when they are blessed from kind hearted passengers. They will just jump out of the jeepney and the cycle goes on and on. This boy is different and with his gesture I wanna give all that I have in my wallet simply because he knew how to give thanks. 

I guess, we missed what is meant for us in this life all because we become so obsessed with what we want God to do for us instead of thanking Him with what we have at present. And I am convinced that our grateful attitude to the Lord today pave the way for us to receice MORE from Him.

So, let’s practice giving thanks👊


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