What Matters

We could be too insane thinking of who we will become in the future, how much savings we will inquire, the kind of house we will live, and the influence we will be making. I have been thinking about this and it dawned on me that while God has unique plans designed for all of us, Jesus is still the ultimate goal and the ultimate prize. Yes, it’s awesome to make a name here on earth, but the greatest legacy that I still believe is us being an instrument for people to have an intimate relationship with God. I am just reminded of my father who was a drunkard and has an insecure wife but these two individuals gave me the true riches in life and that’s faith in God and prayer. We never live and easy kind of life but we believe in God who is an expert of making the impossible possible. 

Today, as I am writing this, I am praying that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is going to be a legacy that we will be passing on to our children and our children’s children. Beyond the tower of material things, that Jesus becomes our tower now and forever. 

May we will continue to check our inner yearnings and may we realign it to something that’s eternal.

Have a great day👊


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