Let’s Pray For The Philippines 

I am suppose to write something different today but as I opened my tab, the first thing that hits me is the explosion in Davao City Market. I opened it to check how’s our President and his family and I am glad that they are safe but I have a bitter sweet heart status knowing that there are at least 10 people confirmed who died on the attack. 

I can just imagine the stress it brought to our President and the fear it may have caused to people. 

Let’s pray for President Duterte, his immediate family, his cabinet members, secretaries, and leaders safety. That all of them are covered by the precious blood of Jesus. That the Lord will deploy His angels to encamp around them in whereever they go. That the power of darkness cannot conquer the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. That the Presidential Security Group can right away discern dangers and protect our President and his children. That our leaders will be able to fulfill their duties and the vision that God has placed in their hearts. That light shall shine supernaturally to those who planned evil and their devious plan will fail. 

Let’s pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:16) until the power of darkness will be demolished in our nation.

May we all be vigilant but at the same time be conscious of what God is doing and may we will never get tired of praying until we all have the answers. 



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