Be Set Free From Intimidation

Yesterday, I was thinking of getting my final pay from my previous employer a year ago because I also need to have my certificate of employment. While I was thinking, I was reminded of my bad experience with the bank long time ago. How I was rejected because of how I look (I don’t know how to take care of myself then plus I was so insecure) and suddenly I was undecided to go to the bank. I was almost paralyzed by my fears. I was so afraid to be rejected again, to be laughed at, and so and so forth. Since learning the importance of praying in the Spirit, I prayed and about an hour later, I could sense the boldness on the inside of me. Then I heard a voice that says, “tell them that I will follow up my final pay.” I felt having the confidence straight from the Lord through the Holy Spirit so I dressed up and went. As I arrived, I was entertained so well, I received so many favors, and I got my final pay, the amount I did not expect I’ll received. 

Then I realized that the enemy fights us the hardest when we are about to receive BLESSINGS from the Lord. I already have my provision stocked in the bank with my name on it but I was unable to get it because of his lies which I listened to. It looks like I was so powerless when who is on the inside of me is powerful.  

Let’s tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and speak our code language that the devil can’t understand and walk in our victory in Jesus Christ. 

There’s more to self confidence that breaks the intimidation right in front of us. He is our Helper who will never leave us nor forsake us. He is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ask for help and be set free❤


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