Be Healed In Jesus Name

I am looking at my blog and I could see that the Healing Scriptures used by Pastor Dodie Osteen has been searched frequently and I could just sense that maybe many are going through physical illnesses.  I don’t know the intensity of the pain but I for one knows that it must be painful, tormenting, discouraging, and a sad thing specially if you claim by faith that you are healed but nothing is taking place. In the testimony of Pastor Dodie Osteen, she herself said that she has to take her vile imaginations captive and make it obedient to Jesus Christ. That she has to speak to her body to line up to the Word of God. As I am thinking, I always reason it in my mind that good for her because she is surrounded with people who believed in the Lord and who has experienced the miracle working power of God. Yet, as she was talking to the Lord she mentioned that the Lord spoke to her that for her to get healed it is going to be her faith that makes her through, not Kenneth Hagin’s faith, not TL Osborn’s faith,  and not Kenneth Copeland’s faith. She decided at that moment that it is between her and Jesus and the best way for her to believe that she is healed is by confessing the Healing Scriptures that she generously shared to thousands and millions of people in the world and on her testimony, she is still confessing it until now and she does that everyday as her daily maintainance.  

If you are sick right now and you are not surrounded by faith people then make a decision to stand in the Word of God. Keep reading the Gospels like Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Read it again and again until you will begin to have a revelation that you have Jesus the Healer who lives on the inside of you. Right down the instances when Jesus has been healing the individuals and multitudes and remind Him of who He is because that’s who He is to you. Take time to listen to the Holy Spirit and listen to the inner voice that you hear. If you have an ipad or smart phones then try downloading sermons that believe on Divine Healing until your faith will be built up. 

You may want to try downloading Dodie Osteen’s testimony and listen to it again and again. There is also a recording of Healing Scriptures narrated by Kenneth Hagin himself. There’s so much testimonies in Andrew Wommack’s site (you can type his name and it will route you to his site). There’s Healing School by Gloria Copeland and Healing Is Here which is also associated on Andrew Wommack Ministries. And there’s the testimony of Darlene Zschech on how God healed her of breast cancer. There’s also so much resources on Marilyn Hickey’s site (just type her name as well). There are excellent worship songs also that ushers you into the presence of God. 

As you are watching or listening, ask the Holy Spirit which of these resources where in you have so much peace (Colossians 3:15) and stay there. If you had been watching and listening these resources and it seems like nothing is happening, keep confessing His Word. In Hebrews 10:23 it says, let us hold fast the confession of (our) hope without wavering for He who promised is faithful. 

If there are people who are condemning you and are telling you that you must have been punished to be sick, or you must be a great sinner to be sick, then kick that out. If you are in Christ, then there is now no condemnation in Him. Put your faith in what He said, not in what others said. 

And when you are healed, share your testimony because we conquer satan by the blood of Jesus and by the power of our testimony (Revelation 12:11).

Let me pray for you: Father, in the name of Jesus, I speak health and healing to your body. I thank you Father that you hear me when I pray and I thank you for your manifest presence in people’s lives. In Jesus name. AMEN.


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