Identity In Jesus Christ

We are done with our training and like other trainings too, I’ve seen the jubilant mood of those who made it and I’ve watched the teary eyed exit of those who didn’t. I rejoice with those who rejoice and I also mourn with those who mourn. But the truth is, nothing in winning and losing is the identity of a man and a woman. 

Putting our identity in one little success don’t define us as a person in the same way as putting ourselves down because we didn’t make it does not lower our worth.

Our identity is on the Lord Jesus Christ who chose to shed His blood for us even before we even proclaim our love for Him. He gave Himself as a sin offering for us so that He will have our sins and we can have our righteousness. He made Himself poor so we will become rich. He went to great lengths by suffering even before dying because He has us in mind. 

His perfect love is our identity. When we are in the mountain tops or when we are in the valley, He always makes His presence felt. 

So when what we want isn’t happening, it’s all because He knows the end from the beginning and He knows everything in between. His ways are way better than ours. 

May we all find strength in knowing that He loves us so much regardless of what’s taking place and He is still praying for us so we can have a flourishing finish. 

May you all savor this day and hear His voice so we will soon become who He wants us to be. Yes friends,  Jesus is our identity.

Have a great day❤


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