Wow Philippine President

I only voted thrice in my life. I had been a very religious indifferent person who doesn’t care about this nation and since my name in the voting list isn’t the name as I have in NSO, my lazy nature kicked in as I began thinking of a long line that I’ll be enduring if I will decide to have my name changed. Thank God for a challenge I received from my father who told me that it’s not wise to be overly religious without getting involve in the freedom of choosing a leader. It’s not a good judgment to not care when I am walking in the very land where God has allowed me to be born. I thought about it while I started rebuking the spirit of laziness in me, kicked my butt, slapped my eyes and made way to COMELEC to have my name changed.

 While my father nudged me to have the heart for this country, he allowed me to be free to choose the leader whom I believe must lead this nation and in my case, she was Senator Grace Poe. While my family started believing the former mayor of Davao, I stood in my conviction that my choice could be the best choice. I loved how intelligent Senator Grace Poe was and still is. She impressed me during debates. Oh how I prayed for her protection as she was campaigning. My heart for this nation started from a father’s nudging and it started from there. 

Yet, I am not just a citizen of the Philippines, but a citizen of Heaven as well. I am not just bound to my own opinion but the opinion of God in His Word. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if Senator Grace Poe will not win, the winner has a sign of of approval from God. In Romans 13:1 it says there that let every person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God (by His permission, His sanction), and those that exist do so by God’s appointment (AMP). 

I submitted my life to His Word and in line my thinking to His. I may not understand how our President talks. I may not be able to comprehend his style of leadership but I would like to be honest that I feel secure to walk in this land like a daughter who has a protective dad. I am beginning to feel safe. I love to see the soldiers and policemen who started to be motivated to function in their line of duty. I appreciate how the government officials treated the lowest people in society with respect when they used to shout at them as if they are the kings of their own kingdom. 

I see the effort of the President even from a distance in the midst of distorted media reports. I see his personal sacrifices and I can discern how lonely his life is to be at the top trying to father the million of Filipinos who have nothing to say except to put him to shame through social media. 

I am more so saddened to have seen that even our own brothers and sisters in Christ join the noisy minority of putting down the leaders whom God has appointed and still has a thick face to live and earn from this nation. 

Psalm 33:1 says that it is fitting for the righteous to praise God. Can we not praise God for a President who loves this nation? Can we not thank God that at least at one point of our lives, we feel safe living in this country? Can we not thank God that He give us a leader who has the most guts and determination to eradicate drugs? Can we not thank God that we have a leader who thinks outside the box and has a mind of his own? 

Yes, we are living in a free and democraric country but if we use our freedom to pull someone down because we think their color stinks then I guess we should think twice and more. 

This nation needs all of us and not just one person to progress. This nation needs us to be one with our President’s vision so we will be able to see change. We cannot expect him to change this country overnight because the truth is, we cannot even see an overnight change for ourselves. What right do we have to demand change from others when we cannot even impose it to our soul? 

And to the church goers who keep on lambasting our President and this nation, I ask you all to stop coming to church and start reading the Bible. I guess your mind has been darkened by the news of this world instead of being a bearer of good news. Your job is to pray for this nation. Your job is to bridge unity and not division. 

And to the people of different political colors? Can we just unite? Can we give our President a chance? Can we give this administration the privilege to bloom and be his best? Because if your color will also win the next time around, we will support and pray.

And I will do my part. 

As of today, I give my appreciation to a President who works so hard for this nation. I will kneel down in prayer for his protection and the success of the vision that God has laid down in his heart. I will pray for his family’s safety and his cabinet members. I will lift him up to God who appointed him to lead this country. I will pray that he will finish his term. 

I will protect the very leader whom God has chosen in my very own way. 

Let’s start trusting God even when we cannot understand. In Isaiah 55:8-9 it says, for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My Thoughts than your thoughts.

Have a great and reflective day everyone.


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