It’s been a long while that I had not been able to visit here. I hope that all of you are doing well in your life (body, soul, and spirit). I also pray for your finances, your family, and your career. May all these are getting better if not best before the year ends. More importantly, I hope that you had been enjoying your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ who exactly knows your future.

Looking back in the past months, I had my deeper pursuit of the Lord until I found myself so uptight in all things. I could not understand why until I just had a revelation that Jesus wants relationship and I am called to relate with Him. To be conscious of Jesus and His love is way different than to be conscious of our sin and tip toe as if we cannot break a glass; appearing to have it all together but gradually breaking on the inside. 

So, I wake up thanking Papa God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for a love no one can even match. Sometimes my brain would like to dictate to me over how I think, but slowly, thanksgiving has become a lifestyle and removes all the what ifs and stresses away. 

When I could not understand, I will begin to just say, God is aware and I will have my help.

That’s how my life became calm in the past months. 

So, smell the flowers. Savor the moment. Enjoy your growing kids. Love your parents. Treasure one another. Be grateful for your job.

You see, if you have Jesus and you are not parking your life out of hopelessness, defeat, and discouragement; YOU WILL REACH TO THE DREAMS THAT GOD HAS PLACED IN YOUR HEART.
Keep the joy!!!!!


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