What’s In Your Heart??

There are so many avenues today to stir up our spiritual life. I guess, with our modern technology and if we are living in a city where it’s always available and we have the capacity to be connected, it is impossible to be ignorant on spiritual things if we take time to search for it, download it or watch it. 

When my spiritual life was on a downward spiral and reading the Bible seemed a chore, the Lord led me to watch Marilyn Hickey and she always said, “Live The Word, Unlock The Miraculous.” It took me a while to get it until one day I realized that I should not just read the Bible, I should live it too. 

When I lacked discipline and I was so demotivated to even dream again, the Lord led me to watch Terri Savelle Foy and my heart was stirred to make my dreams bigger than my memories and to be consistent because consistency is the key to change. 

When I need help on how to save money and to avoid the trap of comparison, the Lord led me to watch Rachel Cruze who advocates to never live in debt and always have a budget and yes, love my life not theirs.

When my attitude stinks, the Lord led me to watch April Cassidy who taught me to live with a right heart with the help of the Holy Spirit.

When I was attacked with sickness, I was led to watch Gloria Copeland who taught me to take God at His Word. To let go of bitterness and to keep loving because faith works by love. As I kept watching, I spoke the Word over my growing warts at my feet and in one week, IT WAS GONE. Thank you Jesus.

And the list goes on and on.

As I learned from all these virtual mentors and adapted what they believed that works, I also felt like I slowly lost my sense of identity. The truth is we become what we behold and if people are our secret place to tame the longings we have in our hearts, we might go somewhere but we may reach there as a copy cat. It may work for a while but our originality will always comes out.

As I sat down in reflection, my heart speaks about JESUS. Yes, we might watch and learn from great men and women of faith, but we will never go wrong with JESUS. He who knows who we really are won’t change our identity but will improve it even more.

So here’s my take. MORE OF JESUS; LESS OF PEEPS. Let JESUS refine our rough edges so that we will be to reach our dreams with our refine best version of ourselves.

Happy Monday🚶


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