Yeah, His Promise Works

This year has been challenging. I guess after resigning from a religious organization, I realized that I have too much spiritual knowledge that goes into my head but was never rooted in my heart and as a result I am like a house that’s built on a sand. When typhoon comes even with signal number one, it will collapse. And yes, I fainted in the most imperfect circumstances while at the same time wondering why it happens. I read the Bible. I watched spiritual and motivational podcast. I must be holier and religious more than anyone else. I am good in counseling a lot of people. Yes!! Bring them to me and I can refresh them. Promise. People said, I must have a natural gift of counseling. Probably. But!! I am sinking even in the tiniest of waves. What’s going on?? Well, the more I watched Pastor Marilyn Hickey everyday, I kept hearing her saying, “LIVE THE WORD, UNLOCK THE MIRACULOUS.” She always said, get hook in the book. Okay. I love her. I consider her my spiritual mama. So. I did. I read the Word and read the Word and read the Word.  Daily. And then the more I watched and listened, I finally heard a revelation in my heart. The main reason why the Word works in her life isn’t because she reads it and memorized it but because the more she meditated the Word, she was DOING IT. Bullseye!!! Got it. I have to APPLY THE WORD. 

So, that’s my challenge. APPLICATION. Why? Because it is easier to dress up, wear that expensive make up, climb to the stage, hide behind the pulpit, and PREACH IT. So easy. But the real test is DOING THE WORD. 

Well, I prayed. I asked for the Holy Spirit’s help. Then I was tested by my own vow no one ever dared asked me to do. I promised to God that I will give my first salary to a church I was once asked to preach. I wrote my promise and read the Book of 1 Samuel in reference of Hannah for more spiritual revelation. Yes!!! I need tons of revelations to fulfill it. Money is tempting. 

And so how will this promise be fulfilled? Get off from bed and print my resume and look for a job. Yes!!! But it was raining so hard. I prayed that it will rain all the more so I could feed my excuses of just staying in bed and read the Bible, so spiritual (hahaha) but in order for the Word to work, I figure that I have to face my insecurities and believe that He will give me work. That He will direct my steps. I did. I applied. I was hired. But the work was so challenging. The atmosphere was so toxic. The power tripping was so evident. How in the world will I ever thrive. On the first week, I was contemplating of quitting. But how can I fulfill my vow?? I had been sacrificing a lot. I did not buy stuff. I waited for a month. And my first salary came. Wow. How I wanted to share it to my family but I will lose my integrity before God. In that week, me and my boyfriend’s heart were UP of an excitement to be able to fulfill our vow before the Lord. Oh, how we held the crisps thousands in our hands before we put it in an envelope and prayed that He will honor His Word as we will bring the first fruit of our income back to Him. Two months later, I was terminated. 

It took me two months before I could work again because I thought that the BPO industry wasn’t for me. I applied for teaching but I was promised of a callback I always thought they were. But, they NEVER CALLED. 

Yet, deep into my heart, I heard that my seed will make a way for me. Oh, how me and my boyfriend claimed for His promises of bringing the first fruit. How I clinged on His Word when He said to me in Psalm 128:2 that I will surely eat what my hands have worked for. I will be happy and it will go well for me (HCSB). 

So this is what I learned. His promises works but we have to do it or apply it to be activated in our lives. We have to walk in it for it to bear fruits. We will not just study it to become super spiritual or to be religious. We will meditate on it and ask the Holy Spirit to empower us so that we can walk into His truths. 

Do I have work now?? Yes, Glory to God. Am I happy? I believe so with the plus favor of the Lord in the workplace. Thank you Jesus💗

So, before this year ends, I challenge you and myself to not be scared do what He asks us to do. To not be afraid to give when He said so. To be fully persuaded that He is a God who never makes mistakes and who never fails to fulfill His promises. 

I promise you that the greatest delight in the heart is when we lay in bed at night knowing that our Heavenly Father is smiling because of our child like trust that at the anytime, He comes to always lavish us with such unending love.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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