So, How’s Your Goal/s?!?

Looking back, I worked in an organization that’s so into goal settings. We blocked a week in a year to pray and plan and wrote down our goals. And yes, we make reports, waaah super scary (hahaha) because we have to check as to whether we do what we planned on the previous year. And we didn’t. The plans were beautifully written down with all the highlights and printed with such beautiful design but it was never followed.  On the same year, something new came up, we were distracted and we never did what we wrote on paper. Most often, our calendars were stuck somewhere, we can’t see it and we just realized that we missed those 20+ plus goals and our strategies were so vain that it’s totally so strange to do it on the ground. I was one of the staff that can’t seem to fulfill what I wrote. Waaah!!!

Then I watched Terri Savelle Foy and she’s so into writing our vision and make it plain so we can see it and run with it. With my experience, I was scared to do it again and no matter how many testimonies she will have to share, oppps, I don’t really care, I assumed that it won’t work. Well, she has this cute and gentle voice, I guess I was so hypnotized (hahahaha) oh just kidding that I got a notebook and a pen and follow what Habakkuk said in the voice of Terri (hahaha) to write down my goals. Wait, Habakkuk is a book in the Old Testament, not your neighbor next door😁😁.

Of course, I prayed and wrote two goals. You wanna know what? So here. Too simple for you but too big for me and my first jump out of the boat.  First, to pay P15k for the lot we acquired by December 31 this year. Second,  to save P20,000.00 by December 31, 2016. To some of you, it’s too small of an amount but it’s too big for someone who does not have a regular work. Since my goal notebook is small and I can bring it anywhere, I followed what Terri did. I said thank you Jesus that the lot is paid in full by December 31. Thank you that we will be able to save P20k by December 31, 2016. And yes, I kept thanking God even if I was jobless. We kept giving even with the little that we have.

And then by God’s grace, the lot is paid in full on November 11, 2016. Thank you Jesus. The Lord used my sister to pay the remaining 5k but I NEVER ASKED. You can ask her. Promise. 

And the savings?? Oh it’s almost there. I believe before December 31st, we can open a joint account with my boyfriend. Yeah. For the first time in my 30 plus years. Hallelujah. So, yes it’s possible. With so many things to do with my finances, even P500 is too hard ro save but the Holy Spirit is right, my seed will make a way for me. Thank you Lord!!!

So here’s to goal setting:

1) Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for help.

2) Have a very realistic goal.

3) Make sure you can see your goals and vision everyday.

4) Thank Jesus everyday.

5) Tithe and give always.

May this helps and inspires you to start dreaming again. May you continue believing Jesus in your heart and declare in your mouth that our Heavenly Father’s promises are yes and amen in Him. 

And when your goal has not manifest yet, remember that God’s time table is way better that yours. You have 2017 to believe for it again. 

Trust Him!!!!


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