I So Love Christmas

Hello there!! How’s Christmas? As for me, it’s a blast. Yes, last year was but this time of the year is also amazing. 

Let me give you a little preview. Last year, was a building of my faith muscles and the breaking of insecurities and fears. I learned writing my dreams and goals, to keep it open right in front of me and thank Jesus everyday that I have it even if nothing is taking place. It was a year of weaning my tongue from speaking something that’s not pleasing to God and start declaring His Words regardless of the circumstances. This year is the #JustDoItYear. To stop preaching and start doing. To give thanks. To be industrious and responsible. To be disciplined and do the task at hand no matter how tempting it is to give in to hormones. To apply for work when it’s so nice to just stay at home and watch motivational speakers lifting my hopelessness. Terri Savelle Foy  once said, it’s time to stop watching people who are doing their dreams. It’s a season to watch myself fulfilling my dreams. I maybe paraphrasing but that’s the thought right there. 

And thank you Jesus. He gave me a job I am starting to enjoy. Hopefully I will be endorsed, be regularized and be promoted. Help me Jesus. Me and my boyfriend gave cash this Christmas. Hallelujah. And we recieved cash as well. Truly we can’t out give God. It was such a delight to see my families faces beaming when they received the brown enveloped. What a joy. And wait! How beautiful it is to eat in the office pantry for free because the management care enough to let us eat for free. Wohoo. 

I was riding in my my love’s motorbike when tears flowed down from my eyes. It was a tear of joy in remembrance of Jesus birth. How He gave up His convenience in Heaven and be with us. How He chose to be born in the manger where it stinks instead of being born in a notable sweet smelling Hotel. How He must have smiled when we give thanks even if He was the one who sacrificed. How joyful He must have been to have us as His Family and to call God as Father. How overwhelmed He must be when we forget ourselves in the midst of blessings and share our blessings to someone else.

And that’s why I so love Christmas. Because the Spirit of Jesus is so tangible. I pray that we will all be conscious of His Living Presence so that everyday feels like Christmas. 

And yeah, as I am writing this, the Holy Spirit reminded me that it starts from me. I should not look it from someone else. Thank you Holy Spirit.

And the greatest gift of all is when my supervisor asked me to pray when we eat together. What a beautiful way of boasting JESUS who lives in my heart.

How’s your Christmas story so far???


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