Oh Thank You

So this year is about to be over. The chapter is about to be closed. The pages has been wisely marked with best memories and some, with events that propels our individual growth. Regardless,  I am in awe of the reality of God and the power of His Word. Truly He is who He said He is and He never lies. So, I don’t wanna close this chapter without GIVING THANKS TO THE GOD WHO IS ETERNALLY FAITHFUL.

If I will boast, I wanna BOAST OF MY JESUS who gives up His convenience in Heaven and be with humanity. Not only that, He died, shed His blood so I will be in the family of God and call His Father, my Papa God. 

So here’s my THANK YOU JESUS in chapter 2017.

1) The opportunity to fulfill a vow by bringing our FIRSTFRUITS to a Local Church in Compostela. By being conscious of that vow, laziness and fear has been broken off from me. Greed has been removed and it was replaced with so much joy. When I was a little hesitant to fulfill that promise, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Hannah. When she offered her son to serve in the Lord’s presence, the Lord paid attention to Hannah’s need, and she conceived and gave birth to three sons and two daughters plus her son Samuel become a great part and a significant person in the land of Israel. Truly we cannot out give God. And just like Hannah, the Lord has His eyes on us as well. He did not let this year ends without blessing us with so much more, even more than the whole month of salary given for His Kingdom. Yesterday, as I opened the door with my laundry basket, I was just poured with so much of His presence when I was just reminded that WE CANNOT OUT GIVE GOD. So, when God tells me to give my whole salary again, I will be more than willing to do so. Even if it means not having new stuff. Not just because I know that He gives more. It’s the experience of the greed being stripped off of me and taken over by the joy of generosity.

2) New Job. After I fulfilled my vow, I vow to never work in the BPO industry again. In my head are excuses of why I should not try landing in this graveyard kind of work with toxic and swearing people. As if I had never been toxic. But all the time, there was this gentle nudge and reminder that I may one day dropped by and pass a resume. I did. There was this Christian agency who was so persistent and told me that they partner with pastors in Bukidnon and when I will be hired then I will become a part of spreading Jesus to the unreached people group. I went to the HR way too early and submitted my resume with this agency backing me up in prayer. I passed and got the top Account in the company.  This is not just a new job. This has something to do with people having a relationship with JESUS. All of sudden, being in the graveyard shift has a new meaning. There will be countless souls I will be meeting in heaven and pastor’s will have their new motorbike when they travel way to the mountains and share Jesus. Oh JESUS. You are my reason for living and working. 

3) Give Cash On Christmas. For the most part, it’s always my sister who give us everything not just during Christmas but at all times. Glory to God for her life. And as always, I can hear the thrill of her voice when she can share her blessings to us. Her name is a synonym to generosity. She does bleeds a lot for us and I want that kind of ecstacy as a result of giving. I felt that, not just this Christmas but everytime we call our lovedones and give them cash. This must be the heart of God when He gave His Son Jesus for all of us. 

4) My Boyfriend. He is the most sacrificial in this relationship. He supported me in everything I wanted to do in life. He prayed for me when I am down. Picks me up at work and take me to my workplace. He cooks the most delicious food. He just love me as I am and everytime I am around him, I am always reminded of how loving and sacrificial Jesus is and how good He must have been to me by giving me Jonelo in my life. 

5) Engagement Ring. It was a sweet surprise on November 20th, 2016 when my boyfriend asked me a question every alive woman on earth nust be so thrilled. “My Love, will you marry me and puts on the ring on my finger.I woke up bewildered and asked what’s the drama all about and began in deep reflection that God’s way of giving me a surprise is way better than what I figured in my mind. Some were rejoicing,  other’s weren’t but it doesn’t matter. I also invested in this relarionship and it’s just worth the wait. So, rejoice to those who rejoice:mrgreen::mrgreen:

6) Family. My family and my my loves family. I thank God for protection, good health, provision, and the progress that I can see and hear in each of them. We cheered on their success and we are looking forward for the best in the next 88 years to come.

7) The Protection of My Father when he fell from the cliff. His head was so hurt. The blood gushed out from his head. But thank you Jesus for charging His angels concerning my family to protect. I have no one to boast except Him. He healed my father. We did not incurred too much expenses and I continue to declare that my father will see God’s flood of goodness while he is still alive.

8) Debt Free. We were able to pay the amount of money that has been borrowed for Jonelo’s schooling plus God used my sister to fully paid the lot that we acquired from our cousin. God is so good. It was a valley experience while on the process, but eventually,  with perseverance, God allowed us to experience what it means to be in the mountain top as well.

9) Jonelo In Hongkong. Looking back, I cried when he did not try riding on a plane. He always told me that he will have his time and he did.  His first plane experience was going to Hongkong for free plus a significant amount from his sister. We are blessed with a family who cares enough to share out from their abundance. 

10) Bible Study. I had not been joining a small group since I resigned from a religious organization but last October, we had our Bible Study start up not just with people I just knew but with my best friends, Yanyan and Loriane. What a beautiful group indeed and I am so blessed with how they live their lives wanting to please no one else but JESUS.
11) Quest Church. I know that we need to have a Local Church and thankfully we now have a community of real and genuine people that we enjoy. It’s a breath of fresh air with a humble and down to earth leadership. We really love Quest.

12) Virtual Mentors. As always, I am thankful to God for Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling, the Copelands, Terri Savelle Foy and Pastor Jerry Savelle, The Osteens and now Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey. I learned. I applied it in my life. I am blessed. I will share the wisdom as well.

13) The Trinity. I don’t have enough words to thank Papa God for giving me Jesus and for Jesus for giving me the Holy Spirit. I experience God’s reality because the Holy Spirit let me so. While I am so grateful for all of the blessings which I can touch, see, feel, hear, and taste, I also don’t want to forget that without JESUS regardless of the wealth and riches, life is going to be so dry and incomplete.

Well, this is kinda long but I guess this is still too short for a whole year of God’s Fatherhood and care.

I believe you too has so much to share. Let’s spread the spirit of thankfulness and let’s cultivate a #PraiseHabit.

Let’s close 2016 with a BANG of GENUINE THANKS💃👍🚶👏💕🏃


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